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Madu river safari in Sri Lanka

The Madu Ganga river of Sri Lanka is a very famous river with complex coastal ecosystem which can be mentioned as the combination of many mangroves and islands. Research shows that it can be considered as one of the last remaining mangrove forests of Srilanka. There is no doubt that a tour in this river is really interesting and adventurous. It has a wide range of animals and plants which can be a great source of entertainment. You can see many interesting incidents in this river like:

  • Monkeys eat fruit in the trees.
  • Cormorants and Kingfishers wait patiently on the banks, eyeing the water for prey.

There are about 64 islands in the river and around 250 families are connected to the mainland with a very long foot bridge. Though there are many occupations of the people of these islands, the local inhabitants are mostly busy in producing cinnamon and prawn fishing. It is a place with various fascinating creations of South West coast. There is no doubt that the tide is the main secret of Madu Ganga. On any given day at the time of low tide the sea water comes inland and amalgams with fresh water and at the time sunset, vice versa generating the magic of nature. Local and foreign travelers can discover the beauty of Madu Ganga through a boat ride that can take a couple of hours.

The Madu Ganga is a homeland of 248 species of vertebrate animals and about 303 species of plants. If you are an Eco tourist, it is a great place for you. For the adventure of the tourists, Madu Ganga showcases the Garden of Eden. You will pass a very impressive time if you spend a night inside a tent by the bonfire a populated island. It has an immensely colorful eco system with its flora and fauna. The fishing season of this area is November to April.
So don’t miss to travel this exiting and adventurous place.