Samsung Galaxy Alpha price in India by Dahasakshops for INR. 57,143

The Samsung Alpha price in India in the first quarter of 2015 is currently viewed as one of the most competitive. This is because the demand for the phone has increased rapidly and this was triggered by the fact that more and more individuals in India wants to own a Samsung Alpha. With its current market price in India which is INR. 59,176 and with the average which is around INR. 57,143 and its long list of reliable standard features, the Samsung Alpha can be considered as a good buy.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha price in Indian Rupees

However, potential buyers who want to get this phone at a much lower price could readily attain their goals since the Alpha can be purchased at a price of INR. 54,166 minus the applicable government-imposed taxes at Dahasakshops. Aside from the cheapest available price offered by Dahasakshops, every phone unit purchased from Dahasakshops Samsung Mobile Phones Category comes with FREE DHL SHIPMENT all over India. When purchased through Dahasakshops, the units sold are guaranteed original, fully functional and free from any factory defect.

The shipping price of the Samsung galaxy Alpha in india when purchased at Dahasakshops usually takes about 15 to 20 days. However, the shipping process is entirely monitored by the company and such act provides an assurance that the phone that was sold will reach its destination within the period specified by Dahasakshops.

Aside from the advantages provided earlier, buying the Samsung Alpha from Dahasakshops Samsung Mobile Phones Category means that any buyer is getting the original unlocked phone unit and this will enable them to use any GSM network of their choice. Finally, they are sure that they can take advantage of the guaranteed features of the Samsung Alpha which includes the following:

Samsung Galaxy Alpha price in India from Dahasakshops

  1. More reliable frame

The Samsung Alpha boasts of its new and more reliable frame. Unlike the previous Samsung phones that are using the usual shiny plastic made of faux-leather, the Alpha comes with a plastic cover in the back along with a full metal edge. Given this set-up the Alpha provides more resilience and defense against shocks brought about by accidental falling of the unit or other sources of force that might affect the phone’s functions.

The new frame of the Samsung Alpha is also considered by a lot of mobile phone experts as part of the phone maker’s attempt to start the transition of shifting to the use of all-metal frames in its products that were currently observed in the Samsung Galaxy S6 as well as the Galaxy S6 Edge. However, the phone maker might have seen that an all-metal frame will not suit the overall construction of the Alpha, thus the latter was made with just a metal edge just like the Samsung Note 4.

But despite of the limited presence of metal in the frame of the Alpha, a lot of experts are still convinced that the changes implemented were enough to ensure the units durability as opposed to its closest competitors.

  1. Lighter and slimmer body layout

In terms of weight and thickness, the Samsung Alpha can be considered as a better option compared to some of its closest competitors such as the new iPhone 6 as well as to its other Samsung sibling which is the S5 mini. The Samsung Alpha actually weighs about 115 grams. With this weight, the Alpha is lighter than the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 which weighs about 129 grams as well as lighter than the S5 Mini which weighs about 120 grams.

When examined closely, anyone could easily infer that the Alpha’s relatively lighter weight was basically brought about by the use of plastics in its frame. However, this particular feature cannot be used against the Alpha since Samsung’s product developers has made sure that the abundance of plastic on the phone has tastefully matched the company’s use of heavier and more expensive materials that are found inside the phone’s structure.

Samsung Alpha Price in India from dahasakshops

  1. More advanced camera

Aside from the more reliable frame and the lightweight features, the Samsung Alpha is also viewed as a desirable phone unit due to its more advanced camera system. The current version of the Alpha is equipped with a 12-megapixel and this makes the phone capable of capturing clearer images as opposed to what most of its rivals can. In addition to that, the Alpha comes with an LED flash that supplies the camera with the needed amount of lighting which is most likely appreciated when capturing images in certain conditions where the amount of light present is quite limited. Thus, the Alpha’s newly-designed camera system adds up to the phone’s overall value.

  1. Enhanced Resolution

On top of all the exciting features mentioned earlier, the new Samsung Alpha is praised for its enhanced resolution. The phone comes with a 720p HD display which is at par with those that are offered by its rivals. With more enhanced resolution and a Super AMOLED panel, the Alpha is capable of providing brighter, sharper and more detailed images.

With this particular feature, potential buyers particularly those who are after for a phone with the best resolution can be easily enchanted by the Alpha. Although a lot of phone experts claimed that the Alpha’s resolution will most likely become inferior when compared to the Samsung S5, such statement can still be considered as a compliment since the Alpha is more affordable and slotted below the Samsung S5.

Given all of these significant characteristics and features, the Samsung Alpha price in India which is at INR. 54,166 when purchased from Dahasakshops along with free DHL shipping all over the country is truly a one of a kind offer. This is because by paying the lowest possible amount, any buyer is guaranteed that the phone unit is genuine, free from any defect and would surely be delivered at their doorstep within the period prescribed by the seller. Such offer comes with additional charges when offered by other sellers. Thus, buying the new Samsung Alpha from Dahasakshops Samsung Mobile Phones Category is highly recommended.