SINOBI Mechanical Wristwatch

$57.00 $35.00


SINOBI Mechanical Wristwatch

$57.00 $35.00

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SINOBI Small Metal Band Rhinestone Scale Self-Winding Automatic Mechanical Wristwatch with Water Resistance and Stainless Steel Back-Golden and silvery

This product is self-winding automatic mechanical wristwatch designed with rhinestone graduation of scale treated as beautiful ornament. Compared with common quartz movement watch, it can add your classical breath. Since it’s automatic mechanical, it would get energy through your movement rather than battery. Generally speaking ,the error of +-45 seconds per day is possible, so you don’t worry. In addition, the special function of water resistance and stainlee steel back will give convenience as you needn’t take it off when you wash your hands or face(but not for swimming).


* Brand name: SINOBI
* New brand with high quality
* Fashionable and classical wrist watch
* Metal band
* Self-winding automatic mechanical wrist watch
* Water resistance and stainless steel back
* Round dial and rhinestone graduation of scale
* Band length: 24cm
* Dial diameter: 3cm
* Band material: metal band

* Swing the watch 20-30 times, for the first use.
* Put the watch on the horizontal state and swing the watch for couple minutes before you
wear it.
* Automatic mechanical watch requires the user wear everyday, do with the proper amount of
movement enable the bar to keep running.
* It is normal to become slow, if the user have less activity on it.

Package included
1* Wrist watch


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