SINOBI Mechanical Wristwatch

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SINOBI Mechanical Wristwatch

$53.00 $33.00

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SINOBI Elegant Genuine Leather Band Self-Winding Automatic Mechanical Wristwatch Designed with Japan Movt-White

* Brand name: SINOBI
* New brand as well as Japan movt with high quality
* Simple and classical wrist watch
* Genuine leather band and colour of brown
* Self-winding automatic mechanical wrist watch
* Water resistance and stainless steel back
* Round  dial
* Band length: 24cm
* Dial diameter: 3cm
* Band material: Genuine leather band

* Swing the watch 20-30 times, for the first use.
* Put the watch on the horizontal state and swing the watch for couple minutes before you
wear it.
* Automatic mechanical watch requires the user wear everyday, do with the proper amount of
movement enable the bar to keep running.
* It is normal to become slow, if the user have less activity on it.

Package included
1* Wrist watch


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