PayPal Withdrawal To SriLanka

Withdraw your money from PayPal to Sri Lanka

From the start of paypal payment, we sri lankans did not had a method to withdraw money to sri lanka. But now from dahasakshops you can withdraw your paypal money within 4 days.  Check this to do the PayPal withdrawal to sri lanka

There are so many methods out there in internet about paypal and sri lanka. Some people say that we can do the paypal withdrawal for our banks using hnb bank cards and sampath bank cards, but we have try those methods non work quiet has we wish. Best option is to affiliate with a bank account in usa and get that link to our own bank accounts. Anyway we have done this and now we have the option to get our hard earning paypal money directly to sri lanka from our service . From all the other withrawal option our method is the lowest and the most secured method for all the sri lankans. We invite y’all to check our service by withdrawing a small amount through us and get the complete understanding of our service.


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19 comments on “PayPal Withdrawal To SriLanka

  1. hi,
    i heard that Withdraw our money from PayPal to Sri its work
    How to register this service?
    what are the requirements(any credit or debit card required).
    please help me…!!!!

    thank you.

    • Its easy. First let us know “Which country is your paypal account is made from”
      Call 0717277607 for more details.

  2. Prasad Wickramasinghe

    Please be kind enough to advice me on how to withdraw money from my paypal account.
    Awaiting for your reply.
    My contact details : 0773786426 Prasad Wickramasinghe.
    Thank you

    • Hi mohamad,
      Please call our hotline so we can ask you the questions about your account first then after you are registered with our service we will be able to withdraw your money on behalf of you.

  3. Hi,
    I have some amount in my pay pal account.Please let me know how I transfer paypal money to the Srilankan Bank account threw you’r web site?At the moment I live in Bahrain. Paypal account in Bahrain.
    Thank you.

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