Our Service

We keep stocks in many categories (specially in jewelleries) and we also provide other shop owners to join our merchant partnership program and sell their products through us.

Other services

We Dahasakshops.com provide several services for their customers;

1.         We import products from eBay and amazon upon pre-requests

You can go to Request Products Page and send us a massage regarding your needed items and stuff, once our staff member check it and confirm if there any possibility to get the item we will call you and inform the situation. There is a small service fee for this procedure and if the custom declared any duty chargers, the buyer need to pay the chargers as well.  One may think that this is the same procedure , if someone can buy a product from eBay and ask the supplier to dhl and let dhl deals with the customs but the duty charge and the dhl fee will  be more because its only one item needed. If you chosen to get the item via postal then there will be only 30% possibility to get the item to you without any damage, without any delays or even without any losses.  We will write more details later in this article about the benefits you get through requesting eBay products from us.


 2.       We provide a Fast and Free delivery service

For any product which purchased through www.dahasakshops.com  we deliver the item within 24hours if the item is not label has a pre- request item. If the item is a pre-request item, then it will take 8 days for deliveries.  More details http://dahasakshops.com/delivery-terms/


 3.       Warranty Period

For all the products in Dahasakshops.com, we provide a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 2 years company warranty.

Fashion Jewellery : 1 month
Fine 24k Gold plated Jewellery : 3 months (This includes 2 after services) [Caring for Gold plate] For Dahasakshops electronics : 6 months
For Dahasakshops merchant items: From 3 to 24 months according to there warranty regulations.

All the items product page includes the complete warranty details for that item specifically.


 4.       After Sales Service

For any product, we provide an after sales service as well. Let’s say you brought a 24k gold plated necklace from our shop before 1 year ago and now you feels you need to re plate the gold to get the shine, for a small service fee we will do it for you.


 5.            Sending and Withdrawing money to Sri Lanka

Now you can send money to your loved ones in sri lanka within 4 days from our Send Money to Sri Lanka service.  Also for freelancers and other usa paypal accoun holders in sri lanka, if you are searching a way to withdraw your paypal money to your bank account, now you can use our service to withdraw your paypal money to your bank account directly within 4 days.

Note : There is a fee for the transactions.

Paypal fee 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
Bank Fee 2% + $3.15 per transaction
Our Service Fee 2%

Total Fee : 6.9% + $3.45 per transaction

Rupee Exchange Rates : $1.00 = Rs.125.00

You can make the payment via PayPal or Credit Cards.


6.       Benefits

As you can see, we got so many services for you.

  1. We import products from eBay and amazon upon pre-requests
  2. We provide a Fast and Free delivery service
  3. 6 month Guarantee Period
  4. After Sales Services
  5. 24 Hours Delivery
  6. Send Money to Sri Lanka


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