HTC Desire 816 price in Sri Lanka

HTC Desire 816

The HTC Desire 816 has significantly earned a very good sales output in the first quarter of 2015 in Sri Lanka making it as one of HTC’s bestseller for this particular year. Loaded with a reliable set of features, the unit can be had at the actual selling price of Rs. 41,500 while its average selling value in Sri Lanka is at Rs. 36,600. However, this phone is still sold at the lowest available price of Rs. 34,644 minus the tax and this is exclusively offered at Dahasakshops. As it strives to stick to its commitment to offer the best price in Sri Lanka, Dahasakshops continues to innovate as well as formulate new concepts that allow it to sell the Desire 816 at a price of Rs. 34,644 in Dahasakshops HTC Mobile Phones Category.

Pros and Cons of Buying the HTC Desire 816 from Dahasakshops


  • All units sold are guaranteed genuine
  • Ensures that all the phones sold are free from potential defects and fully functional
  • Cheapest available price


  • Applicable taxes might be inclusive or exclusive
  • Delivery period is quite longer but guaranteed by the company
  • Tracking updates happens every 5 days


HTC One X s720e One XL price in Sri Lanka

HTC One X s720e One XL price in Sri Lanka

The HTC One X s720e One XL is one of the bestselling models from HTC in Sri Lanka in the first two quarters of 2015, the latest actual price in the market is around Rs. 29,000 and the average is about Rs. 25,000.  The cheapest price is Rs.22, 198 which is sold by Dahasakshops without the applicable taxes. Dahasakshops commits to offer the best price in Sri Lanka and giving way for a new idea and the product is now sold for only Rs. 22,198 in Dahasakshops HTC Mobile Phones Category.

Pros and Cons of Buying HTC One X s720e One XL from Dahasakshops


  • The cheapest available price
  • Certified genuine
  • In good working condition


  • Shipping takes 15 to 20 days but closely supervised by Dahasakshops Company
  • Updates on tracking takes about 5 days
  • Sold with or without applicable taxes

Flights to Sri Lanka

Flights to Sri Lanka

Travel To Sri Lanka

When planning of a tropical Sri Lankan vacation, a lot needs to be considered. Some of the primary factors to be studied when doing flights to Sri Lanka are Connecting flights, airfare, accommodation, amenities and value for money. Travel planning can be quite a hassle and if we consider flights to Sri Lanka, an exotic destination somewhere in the Indian Ocean, finding the best rate for money trips can be quite a challenge. However, a lot of online websites cater to the needs of vacationers every step of the way. From researching to comparing prices to a list of the available amenities, searching online is the best way to obtain excellent deals on flights to Sri Lanka. Vacation planning is now easier and with all the available flights to Sri Lanka, that tropical destination is just a few clicks away.

Flights to Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Flights

Sri Lanka is a wonderful, tropical island in the northern Indian Ocean south of India and north of Maldives. Rich in culture, Sri Lanka has many languages, religions and ethnicities. Blessed with beautiful beaches and sceneries, it is a prime destination spot. Due to its prominent location, the country has nineteen (19) airports with scheduled commercial airline passenger service, three (3) of which are international airports. Whether traveling for business or headed to an exotic getaway with family and friends, flights to Sri Lanka are available all year round.

Searching for flights to Sri Lanka is as simple as searching by travel dates, departure times, and the destination cities. Having flexible travel dates is the best so even better deals can be found for flights to Sri Lanka. Particular websites like Trip Advisor already displays the best options by default upon searching. These options are the lowest price from among more than 100 airlines, quickest flight so the traveler can save up to 15 hours of travel, avoid early flights and best value flights. Aside from these, an intuitive comparison of dates and airlines is also available for the user. Expedia is also another great tool for searching for flights to Sri Lanka by making it simple by browsing for popular flights to the country. These routes are already listed upon searching for flights. In fact, 10 out of the 10 top routes to Sri Lanka are all from American states. Airlines that serve Sri Lankan airports, whether domestic or international are also already pre-listed. Another favorite website is e-bookers that have the pride in having the widest variety of affordable flights to Sri Lanka. Sky Scanner is also a good option as it is very user-friendly. It also provides the users information regarding the Sri Lankan airports and other airports of searched destinations, for that matter.

The largest airport in Sri Lanka is the Bandaranayake International Airport or the Colombo International Airport. Flights to Sri Lanka are usually via Colombo, and this airport is the nearest being only 35 kilometers away. From Colombo, domestic flights or land travels can be taken en route to further destinations. The Bandaranayake Airport, being the largest, has an estimated four (4) million passengers annually and is being served by twenty-four (24) airlines with three (3) passenger terminals. Flights to Sri Lanka nowadays are easier and can easily be achieved due to the statistics of this airport and the availability of the servicing airlines. There are also new flights to Sri Lanka being added now and then. Surely, targeting Sri Lanka is not that far off now with all the flights available to reach it. From five (5) star airlines to budget airlines, there are always flights to Sri Lanka route suitable for each traveler.

Colombo Sri Lanka Hotels

Colombo Sri Lanka Hotels

Sri Lankan Hotels in Sri Lanka

Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, has one of the highest numbers of hotels in the country. This is due to its appeal as a tourist destinations, as it is located on the west coast of the Sri Lankan island and also has a potpourri of races, cultures, and religion.

With over five hundred licensed Colombo Sri Lanka hotels, one would be mistaken that there is the campaign to make Colombo, Sri Lanka a paradise with its good people. Given an opportunity, a panel could not sit back and rank the Colombo Sri Lanka hotels as the difference between them is enormous. From members only, the classic looks that the visitors possess while entering the facilities is unmatchable.
For this reason the only sure way, of finding the most eccentric Colombo Sri Lanka hotels, is by voting and reviewing. With this reference, here are the most affordable Colombo Sri Lanka hotels.

Colombo Sri Lanka Hotels
Paradise Road Tintagel Colombo

A worthy contender is situated in the heart of Colombo’s Cinnamon Gardens neighborhood. Colombo Sri Lanka hotels are also approximately 1 hour away from Lankan International Airport and approximately thirty minutes from Ratmalana Airport. Given its two folds, Tintagel; it was acknowledged after the palace in “Cornwall where King Arthur” was purportedly born and Paradise Road that is the design and lifestyle brand referring to “Shanth Fernando”. Colombo Sri Lanka hotels have added hospitality to its empire status and Tintagel in its vision for Colombo as a cosmopolitan capital. It has ten suites in the sort of intimate little Colombo Sri Lanka hotels where a local meeting would preferably take place. They are all different due to their residential history with some having private balconies, and all of them are outfitted with flashy and classic furniture’s and decorated in rich, dark colors. It has ten rooms with a stylish of modern design and a lively atmosphere.

Colombo Sri Lanka Hotels

Cinnamon Grand Colombo Hotel

The hotel is situated approximately 2 Kms from Colombo Town Hall and SriLanka National Museum; a stroll from Crest can Boulevard Shopping Mall. It is one of the best Colombo Sri Lanka hotels located thirty-seven kilometers away from Colombo International Airport. It provides accommodation in the city center of Colombo’s; The Hotel has a spa, fitness facilities, and two outdoor pools. Free parking is also provided while Wi – Fi is always available throughout the property. Cinnamon Grand Hotel offers city view rooms. It has room amenities that include tea and coffee making facilities, iron and safe, attached bathrooms that come with a bathtub and a separate shower. Visitors can relax in the Spas, and kids are amused in the play room.

The Kingsbury Hotel

It boasts of the spectacular view of the Indian Ocean, five food and beverage options and classic English architecture. The Kingsbury offers elegant accommodation, a fifteen-minute walk from the city center. It possesses a beachfront location and an expanse pool overlooking the ocean. Kingsbury hotel that is halfway located in Colombo is a short block from famous attractions like the World Trade center and the Colombo harbor while Bandaranaike International Airport is about 28 Kms away. The 5 – star hotel offers spacious rooms and sized windows with breathtaking views of the ocean. The chambers are fitted with cable TV, a minibar, and tea or coffee making facilities. Guests relax by visiting the Colombo Sri Lanka hotels spa or the well-equipped gymnasium. Guests can also have an opportunity to dine at the Colombo Sri Lanka hotels multi cuisine restaurant which gives Western, Chinese, Japanese and South East Asian dishes. A seafood restaurant features an outdoor seating decks and a variety of fine wines. Light snacks, a diversity of drinks and beach views are also available for its customers and visitors at the Sky Lounge.

Bentota Hotels | Sri Lankan Beauty


Details About Bentota Hotels

Seize the opportunity and book that well deserved vacation at one of the luxurious Bentota hotels dotting the coastal town in Galle District of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Bentota hotels have high standards, wonderful service, endless activities and amazing views for every vacationer. Whether going solo, together with a loved one or the entire family, these Bentota hotels have all the amenities to offer to ensure a more than pleasurable vacation for everyone.

Bentota Hotels
Situated on the peninsula called Paradise Island, Bentota is known for its stretch of golden sand and warm, gentle sea making it undoubtedly a leisurely holiday destination. Also popular among the honeymooners, Bentota is a real paradise sanctuary within Paradise Island. Because of the potential of this place, the best of the world renowned Bentota hotels have been selected to give justice to the beauty of Bentota. The splendor of Bentota hotels only enhances the local, primitive beauty bringing life to the paradise.
Among the top Bentota hotels is the Saman Villas, perched on a rocky outcrop with its infinity pool stretching out towards the Indian Ocean. Another top recommendation is the Nisala Arana, a boutique hotel nestled amongst the greenery with its spacious, Zen gardens that exudes bliss. The Dalmanuta Gardens on the other hand is small and is very personal yet known for the Ayurvedic treatment if offers and their rare, Herbal garden with more than 200 varieties of herbal, medicinal plants. For picture postcard views, Vivanta By Taj is incredible with its picturesque landscape with the Indian Ocean beyond and beautiful structure that emanates the Sri Lankan culture. Centara Ceysands Resort is a unique destination where cultural heritage meets exquisite cuisine within a tropical paradise ensuring only pleasant dreams to anyone who stays.  One of the more popular Bentota hotels is the Avani Bentota Resort by the infamous Geoffrey Bawa. A designer hotel, it is contemporary with an 18th-century Dutch village atmosphere with sprawling lawns and incredible views of the Indian Ocean, perfect for lazing off on sunny days.
There are a lot more accommodations to choose from when planning to go on a holiday in Bentota. These Bentota hotels vary in scale, amenities and the activities being offered. Whether looking for a sanctuary or for some fun in the sun, rest assured there is always one for each and every preference.

Bentota Hotels

Booking a Bentota Hotel

Booking for Bentota hotels can be done anytime online. For research and comparison, Tripadvisor will do the trick with pictures, price comparisons from top travel sites and actual reviews. There are so many online booking sites to explore when looking for Bentota hotels and so many options to choose from. Depending on the preference, searching for Bentota hotels can be done based on the activities and amenities being offered and the type of accommodation. From tiny, nature inspired cottages to beautiful villas to grand buildings with modern rooms, the choices vary considerably. More than fun and relaxation, some of the Bentota hotels even offer Ayurvedic treatment and splendid culinary experience. Exotic animals may even be encountered. From the time of arrival until the date of departure, one is always in touch with nature.
With the world-class caliber of Bentota hotels, simple leisure becomes spectacular with idyllic beaches, charming sunsets, secluded sanctuaries and even exciting water sports. All these make up a holiday scene one can only dream of – a holiday of a lifetime.  Imagine the peninsula nestled between the Bentota river mouth and the Indian Ocean. Imagine blue skies above, beautiful landscape behind, the golden sand beneath and the stretch of the ocean beyond. All these can only be called paradise.

Sri Lanka Tourism

How Beautiful is Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka Tourism arrivals sector continues to be altered by the promising new markets occupying the place of prolonged held traditional dominant market segments based on the arrival data released for January 2014.

Sri Lanka tourism appeared to be out of the blue placed into somewhat of a whirl about a year ago, when the President announced a target of 2million visitors. Sri Lanka tourism area features intensive details on Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan tourism promotional Bureau also intends to open offices in New Delhi and Bangalore by the end of 2013. Countries including Russia, Malaysia, Switzerland, China, Egypt, Thailand, Maldives, China, Sweden, and Argentina were one of the other worldwide contributors at the OTM 2014.

beauty of sri lanka tourism

sri lanka tourism

Sri Lanka Tourism: Registered 16.5% Year-on-Year development where tourist has visited Sri Lanka from January to November 2012. Sri Lanka Tourism thinks about Japan among the primary tourist generating markets for Sri Lanka and throughout the entire year 2013 there were 31,505 Japanese tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka with an increase of 20%. Sri Lanka Travel and leisure lately branded and released 450 taxis in three of the UK’s largest cities: Manchester, Birmingham and London.
Based on the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA), tourism provided $1bn to the economy in 2012, the most up-to-date yearly figures on a report. Even though the figure displayed only 1.7 percent of GDP, it produced jobs for 68,000 Sri Lankans and indirect employment for 95,000 more. Nearly everybody talks about Sri Lanka tourism to be the serp of development and expects it to play a gigantic role in the future of the economy. For all the small and large scale coperations you should try Orlando SEO Service from Washeen



Mobile phone prices in Sri Lanka

Mobile phone prices in Sri Lanka

Mobile phone prices in Sri Lanka

There are many web pages where we can get the mobile phone prices in Sri Lanka. The prices can be changed without any notice depending on the availability of those mobile phones. We can see that most of Sri lankan users are interested to purchase popular Nokia mobiles. Local handset market is quickly mounting while Nokia shares the lead along with Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, iPhone and LG. In the recent years Chinese models with ultra-low price has occupied the market where those Chinese apparatuses comes with dual SIM facility, TV, radio, touch screen and external memory slot to increase the phone’s memory.

Mobile phone prices in Sri Lanka

Mobile phone prices in Sri Lanka


The availability of many low priced cell phones has made all the country citizens to own one for them. A simple handset can be bought for the value of LKR 2, 990/- to 7,000/-. The market is flooded with Smartphone too which are now offered from LKR 10, 000/- onwards without any data plan. is importing cell phones directly from USA. We are able to give you the latest updates about various range of products of reputed brands in the world namely Samsung, Sony, Nokia, etc. We provide the finest sony mobile phone price in srilanka. We are recognized to provide the inexpensive Nokia mobile phones in sri lanka, and we have newest models of Samsung Mobile Phones Sri Lanka.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha released in August 2014 is in metallic body giving a premium look but know Samsung is introducing the new version of this Galaxy Alpha in four different looks but in limited edition. The limited edition of Galaxy Alpha is slightly costly and buyers will have to pay nearly $791 for the smart phone whereas the regular version cost $694 in France.

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Apple iPhone 3gs price in sri lanka

apple 3gs price in sri lanka,iphone 3gs price in sri lanka,apple iphone 3gs price in sri lanka,iphone price in sri lanka,phone prices in sri lanka

Sri Lankan price of Apple 3gs

Even though, this version of apple iPhone’s are not the trend in present; we still see some Sri Lankans show their interest towards the apple iPhone 3gs mobile phone nowadays. Because of that, we decide to import the 3gs version again. Apple iPhone 3gs price in Sri Lanka is Rs. 13,440/= which is around $103 in US dollars excluding custom and government tax. This is the lowest price for the phone in the market.

apple 3gs price in sri lanka,iphone 3gs price in sri lanka,apple iphone 3gs price in sri lanka,iphone price in sri lanka,phone prices in sri lanka

apple 3gs price in sri lanka is $103

You can also find apple iphone 3gs 8GB, 32GB and 64GB. The prices don’t make a big difference. To buy the apple iphone 3gs please click the link. All the prices for this phone is inclusive of Sri Lankan government tax and duty fees. We will send the parcel via registered airmail, if you need the product sooner please let us know. I will be always online in my site

Site like ebay in Sri Lanka


Are you looking for a site like ebay, etsy or amazon to sell your products in Sri Lanka?

Now you can sell your products and services online through in sri lanka. Apply for a vendor account through this link fill the form and we will reply you as soon as possible.

Benefits for selling on Dahasakshops
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Original Apple iPhone 3gs Price In Sri Lanka


Original Apple iPhone 3gs Price In Sri Lanka Price In Sri Lanka

Apple iPhone 3gs is one of the best selling apple mobile phone in sri lanka in 2010, the real market price is around Rs.38,000/= , the average price is around Rs.29,000/= the lowest price is Rs.17,800 which is selling in dahasakshops without the government tax. Dahasakshops wanted to provide the best price in sri lanka and therefor they have put forward a new concept and the product now selling for just Rs.20,800 in Dahasakshops Apple Mobile phones Category.

Pros & Cons When Buying Apple iPhone 3gs from Dahasakshops

Pros :

  • Lowest Price in the Market
  • Original International Version

Cons :

  • Delivery takes upto 15 to 20 days but under Dahasakshops Company Supervision
  • Tracking takes 5 days to update
  • Government Tax with or Without