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Details About Bentota Hotels

Seize the opportunity and book that well deserved vacation at one of the luxurious Bentota hotels dotting the coastal town in Galle District of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Bentota hotels have high standards, wonderful service, endless activities and amazing views for every vacationer. Whether going solo, together with a loved one or the entire family, these Bentota hotels have all the amenities to offer to ensure a more than pleasurable vacation for everyone.

Bentota Hotels
Situated on the peninsula called Paradise Island, Bentota is known for its stretch of golden sand and warm, gentle sea making it undoubtedly a leisurely holiday destination. Also popular among the honeymooners, Bentota is a real paradise sanctuary within Paradise Island. Because of the potential of this place, the best of the world renowned Bentota hotels have been selected to give justice to the beauty of Bentota. The splendor of Bentota hotels only enhances the local, primitive beauty bringing life to the paradise.
Among the top Bentota hotels is the Saman Villas, perched on a rocky outcrop with its infinity pool stretching out towards the Indian Ocean. Another top recommendation is the Nisala Arana, a boutique hotel nestled amongst the greenery with its spacious, Zen gardens that exudes bliss. The Dalmanuta Gardens on the other hand is small and is very personal yet known for the Ayurvedic treatment if offers and their rare, Herbal garden with more than 200 varieties of herbal, medicinal plants. For picture postcard views, Vivanta By Taj is incredible with its picturesque landscape with the Indian Ocean beyond and beautiful structure that emanates the Sri Lankan culture. Centara Ceysands Resort is a unique destination where cultural heritage meets exquisite cuisine within a tropical paradise ensuring only pleasant dreams to anyone who stays.  One of the more popular Bentota hotels is the Avani Bentota Resort by the infamous Geoffrey Bawa. A designer hotel, it is contemporary with an 18th-century Dutch village atmosphere with sprawling lawns and incredible views of the Indian Ocean, perfect for lazing off on sunny days.
There are a lot more accommodations to choose from when planning to go on a holiday in Bentota. These Bentota hotels vary in scale, amenities and the activities being offered. Whether looking for a sanctuary or for some fun in the sun, rest assured there is always one for each and every preference.

Bentota Hotels

Booking a Bentota Hotel

Booking for Bentota hotels can be done anytime online. For research and comparison, Tripadvisor will do the trick with pictures, price comparisons from top travel sites and actual reviews. There are so many online booking sites to explore when looking for Bentota hotels and so many options to choose from. Depending on the preference, searching for Bentota hotels can be done based on the activities and amenities being offered and the type of accommodation. From tiny, nature inspired cottages to beautiful villas to grand buildings with modern rooms, the choices vary considerably. More than fun and relaxation, some of the Bentota hotels even offer Ayurvedic treatment and splendid culinary experience. Exotic animals may even be encountered. From the time of arrival until the date of departure, one is always in touch with nature.
With the world-class caliber of Bentota hotels, simple leisure becomes spectacular with idyllic beaches, charming sunsets, secluded sanctuaries and even exciting water sports. All these make up a holiday scene one can only dream of – a holiday of a lifetime.  Imagine the peninsula nestled between the Bentota river mouth and the Indian Ocean. Imagine blue skies above, beautiful landscape behind, the golden sand beneath and the stretch of the ocean beyond. All these can only be called paradise.